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Sunglasses At School – review

We all know the damage the sun does to our skin and we all make sure to teach our kids from young to protect their skin, but how aware are you about your eyes. My eyes are very sensitive to bright light so I always have my sunglasses on or nearby, never really thinking about my child’s eyes. Bellow see some alarming facts about what damage the sun can do.

OV Optics has started the Sunglasses at School initiative to make parents and schools aware of the damage the sun can do and offers a solution to protect our children from this damage. They have a range of “child-proof” sunglasses for kids aged 4 and up. They have a sporty and swag style and offer adjustable neck straps to ensure that kids keep them on hand and do not loose them, and they are basically indestructible – I tested it.

Since we’ve had them the glasses has landed up in my nappy bag, my handbag, on the floor and on the car’s seat where I landed up sitting on them for about 4 hours. They still look brand new and not one scratch on the lenses. You can bend them and twist them, no problem.

These sunglasses are ideal for kids that spend a lot of time on the sports fields and doing outdoor activities, they will last and give them the protection that they need.

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