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DIY Table makeover with Rust-Oleum

I’m excited to share my first blog post on my recent Rust-Oleum DIY projects. I’m a huge fan of their products and have used it a lot over the years for DIY projects around the house. The fact that they have products that can be used on wood, steel and plastics (and more) are a huge advantage and I have been wanting to see what the wear is on plastic sprayed products, especially when used by kids.

What better way to put it to the test than reviving an old kids plastic table. I have these cute kids chairs that does not match any of my tired old kiddies tables, so I’m making them match with Rust-Oleum’s painters touch spray paint.

The Rust-Oleum painters touch ultra cover is a primer and paint all in one so I only need to use one product. I chose to use the Satin Heirloom White for this project as it would work perfectly with the red kiddies replica Masters chairs that had no table.


`I gave the table a good clean, removing all dust and dirt and any loose particles, and then we were ready to start the transformation after it was completely dry. *very glossy surfaces will need a light sand.

I like to spray outdoors on the grass as any over spray can get mowed away later in the week.

Tips: When spraying ensure that you keep about 30cm away from the surface to avoid over spraying the surface that can cause dripping. Keep your strokes even from side to side to prevent it from looking blotchy.

I’m so happy with the outcome and I love the texture of the satin finish. So far I can see that it will be more durable than any other product I have used on plastic so far.

Your can read more about the Rust-Oleum products here.

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