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My very own IKEA Hack!

When designing baby #2’s nursery we needed to reconfigure the storage in the very, very small room. I did get quotes on built-in cupboards, but I did not want to spend my whole budget on cupboards. I decided to do my own little IKEA hack. For those not familiar yet, Nevada Furniture is the local imported of IKEA products and the prices are really good, considering the weak Rand and importing costs. In the end, with all the changes made to two wardrobes, I spent about a third of what I would have with built-ins and I had exactly what I wanted.

This is what the ANEBODA Wardrobe looks like before:

I needed some drawer space and shorter hanging space for teeny tiny baby grows, and I also needed an area for storage boxes with products. This is what we ended up with.

#TIP – If you need to make alterations to any flat pack items, assemble them completely first before you cut your wood or any parts.

Happy DIY’ing!!

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