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Theme: owls

Owls Inperations @
Images courtesy of Mr. Price Home

These wide eyed creatures are seen everywhere from cellphone covers to tattoos, it’s a trend that everybody adores from grownups to kids. Without realizing it I have already invited two into our home, so today i’ve decided to write on how to develop a theme for a nursery or kids room around THE OWL.

Firstly I’d start off with a neutral backdrop; pinks, blues, greens, beige or browns. These colours are just a guideline as they are the most commonly used by clients. I like to bring splashes of colour using decor such as bedding, artwork and accessories. Choose an accent wall that will bring your theme to life. Adding a painted/decal tree onto this wall would perfectly to house your little hoots. A meaningful phrase with some images will also do the trick.

When you do a room with a theme you also must try not to buy everything in that theme or character to eventually have an overkill. If you do want to have the theme displayed in everything in the room, try to tone it down with something neutral items and colours.

Earlier in the post I mentioned, bedding as a way of adding a theme to the room. You don’t need to go on the hunt for owl bedding or fabric, all you need is a neutral base with one or more owls emroided onto the pillowcase or duvet. A plush toy can also complete the look. I found a pretty owl mobile at MR PRICE HOME, with some cute baby toys that can decorate the crib.

This look is also ideal if you don’t know the gender of your baby. Pinks or blues can easily be added after the baby is born.

Have fun decorating!!!


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