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Easy DIY murals

Wall murals can be fun, it can be affordable and you do not need a degree in fine art to knock a good one out! All it takes is some good planning, the tools (aka a brush, sponge or stamp) and some paint.

Planning would be the crucial part in making a good DIY mural, you can measure out lines or borders or draw out outlines to guide you and for more complex designs make sure you plan what to paint first. Stencils are also a great way to ensure your pattern repeats properly.

Bellow are some inspiring ideas to do your own striking DIY mural, I have even included two local mamas that have done some amazing DIY murals.

So two local moms have outdone themselves with their own DIY murals.

Marusckha, owner of Crimson & Clover as well as Wildbloom did an amazing feature wall with only a sponge and white paint and created a lavish space to showcase her lovely oil collection.

Michelle from Mayalief is also an amazing DIY’er and extremely creative in her own home and business. I have featured this floral nursery on the blog before. (See room reveal here)

Floral Nursery Mayalief 4
Image by Michelle Goosen, Mayalief

If wallpaper or decals are not a option these DIY mural options will sure take any wall and room from drab to fab!

I am extremely passionate about creating stylish spaces that not only promote growing and learning but spaces that grow with your child. Apart from creating gorgeous, functional spaces I love doing DIY projects and I am devoted to share tips and tricks to create a happy and healthy home for the whole family.

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