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Amelia’s floral nursery tour

 You’ve all seen sneak peeks of Amelia’s GORGEOUS new floral nursery on Mayalief’s insta feed and I’m so excited that Little Interiors has the honour of doing a room tour of this gorgeous room.

Mom, Michelle, owner and maker of Mayalief has transformed Amelia’s bedroom into a Pinterest worthy bedroom while also incorporating some lovely local talent in the room. Michelle is such an inspirational mom-boss-maker! She pours her heart into everything that she makes and designs, and it shows in all the details of each product. Earlier this year I was extremely fortunate to work with her and some other amazing bloggers on her Love More campaign, a range of t-shirts reminding everyone to have love and respect for all our fellow humans! .

Michelle’s detailed and careful planning can be seen in this vibrant floral nursery. The cheerful colours adds a charming yet whimsy touch to the room.

Floral Nursery Mayalief 4

This playroom shown bellow, by Petite Interiors in Australia, has been a long time Pinterest lust of mine and one of the main inspiration behind this room.

I love how Michelle has incorporated her own brand into the room, it adds a special touch of herself to this room but also allows her to do mini shoots of her range in the space. The floral design of the mural allows for Amelia to grow into the room and Michelle will be able to use this room for many years to come.

My current Mayalief product crushes are:

*Rainbow Wall Decor
*Wood Wall Hooks
*Not an official Mayalief product (yet) but the storage bag for the crib is so gorgeous and such a handy item to have.

a few local brands featured in the room:

Marble bear from La Fede

Wolfie from Wolf wolf kids

Peach play suit from Sprout

Wrap from Ubuntu Baba

Printed scatter, muslin blanket, Bunny wall hanging, rainbow wall hanging, wooden wall hooks, print in frame, Wooden rattle from Mayalief 

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All Images was provided by Michelle Goosen. This is not a sponsored post.

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