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Once you go black……

I have recently had a conversation with a friend about a coffee shop’s decor, and I realized that the common perception of dark grey or black walls is still that it makes a room look smaller, dingy and cluttered. I have a different opinion about dark walls, the dark colours actually makes the walls appear receded. I am also one of those that like to dab my paintbrush into the lighter part of the colour card but I have always adored dark walls in a room.

To me it feels that the wall disappears and everything you put on or in front of the wall becomes the focal point and becomes more vibrant. If your room has little natural lighting coming into the room, lighter walls won’t make it look lighter, rather embrace the rich and comfy look with dark colours and use the correct interior lighting.

Now before you whip out the blackboard paint and start painting here are some pointers:

# Look at your other colours in your room and then decide what undertone your dark colour must be, your floor
covering and lighting will be a huge influence on this.
# Decide if you want to go with blackboard paint, matt, light sheen or gloss.
# When you’ve chosen your colour, do a small patch on the wall and let it dry to get an idea of what it is going to look
like in the room.
# Decide if you are doing an accent wall or the whole room.

Now you can start painting….

Here are some awesome nurseries and kids rooms that look amazing with dark walls;

Dark boy room 1
Noa Noa Design Solutions
Dark boy room 2
Noa Noa Design Solutions
Dark boy room 3
Noa Noa Design Solutions
Dark Nursery

Happy Decorating…and welcome to the dark side…


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