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Revamp furniture without commitment

I just LOVE washi tape and I am constantly looking at new ideas to use it in creative ways. My tired and worn office desk needed a revamp and I decided to washi tape the whole thing instead of painting or replacing it. After numerous internet searches I finally plucked up the courage to start.

Washi tape table 1

I started by filling all the chipped sides with wood filler and then sanded the whole table lightly. Not to much as it will be covered in washi tape that sticks to anything….. {i really hate sanding}, then I wiped it with a damp cloth to get all the loose dust off.

 I only used the washi tape that I had and did not plan any specific design, and in the end I used about 10 rolls with some to spare on a few rolls.

Wash tapei table 2

Wash tapei table 3

I realized that using it on a daily basis I might need to make it a little bit more durable and then I pulled out my trusty modge podge and gave it two layers, letting it dry in between layers.

I just love my new desk and was way cheaper than to buy a brand new desk, as awesome as this.

Wash tapei table 4

Washi tape proves over and over how easy it is to finish an item off to match the interior space or to transform it completely, for less. It is ideal if you would like to change the colour of an item without committing fully to a colour via painting it.

Happy Decorating.


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