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MamaMagic Product Innovation Awards

I was able to help out with some other mom’s to judge the finalist for the product innovation awards for MamaMagic, The Baby Expo. There were SOO many great products.

Here are some of MY favourite finalists: (not in any particular order, preference or any indications of who’s winning).
I have tried to supply links and prices as far as I could.

The Baby Bottle Buddy TM R175 (

4aKid Bottle Buddies



I love this because although it’s main purpose is to hold the bottle in place it has teethers at the ends of the ears and arms and it becomes a security toy for babies and toddlers.





The Original Dooky R399 ( 

4aKid Dooky



This blanket has a universal hook that clips onto strolers, prams and baby carriers to protect babies from sun, wind, rain and noise. This replaces the blanket, jerseys etc. that we normally would use to protect our kids from the elements. It can stay rolled up so that you don’t have to remove it when not used.





Super Scoopers for Ice Cream – Pack of Four R50 (




These scoops are brilliant for giving toddlers a scoop of ice cream. It is very well priced and also BPA free. I think this might be one of my favourite products!!!
(of course I got us some of these and tested it over the weekend, kids love it and I do too!)




Alex Magnetic Tabletop Easle

Alex Magnetic Tabletop Easle



A foldable tabletop easel, with a chalkboard on one side, a magnetic dry erase board on the other side, and a paper roll that can be rolled over the whiteboard to create another drawing surface. Although these types of products have been available, I love this because it has 3 surfaces and storage for all the crayons ect.




Advacare Baby Sense, Burp ‘n Bib
2 in 1 absorbent burp cloth or bib. Where was this when my “baby” was still a baby!

Banini Baby Finaé Shweshwe Coat (
I might be Banini’s biggest fan…of course my baby’s nursery was Banini too!!! This gorgeous winter coat is made of Shweshwe with a 100% cotton ruffle collar, with large buttons to complete the look. It is GORGEOUS!!

Candid Baby Trunki BoostApak (
Candid Baby Trunki BoostApak

Trunki products are great because it is all hand-luggage approved and this BoostApak is no different. It is a backpack that turns into a booster seat. Brilliant to easily use between cars and on holiday.





Candid Baby – Giggle Travel System (
Candid Baby - Giggle Travel System
The Giggle Travel System is a duo-directional pushchair, car seat carrier and pram all in one. Suitable from birth, this lightweight 3-in-1 system comes equipped with a lightweight, compact fold pram, carry cot, raincover, reversible Cosy Toes, changing bag, changing mat and messy bag. It is available in 5 different funky designs to choose from including the Giggle All Star, Giggle Bizzy Betty (Special Edition), Giggle Golightly (Special Edition), Giggle Treet and Giggle Sunny.

I LOVE VALUE FOR MONEY AND THIS DEFINITELY IS VALUE….great price. I had a similar pram when I had my baby and it was way more practical that the others. Two thumbs up for this product!!



Candid Baby – Trunki PaddlePak  (

Candid Baby - Trunki PaddlePak

Another great Trunki product. The PaddlePak is a water resistant backpack with lots of small pockets for valuables. Ideal for pool/beach days or school outings.






Layette Deryan Air Traveler – R350 (

Layette Deryan Air Traveler

The Deryan air traveller was the winner of the 2012 European innovation award. It enables your baby to sit and sleep comfortably throughout a flight. It can be used from birth up to 2 years.

I though this product is genius and very affordable. I’m very impressed, and will definitely be getting one for my next baby.





Toddlers Warehouse Looky Bag – R79,95 (
Toddlers Warehouse Looky Bag


The Looky Bag is a bag filled with toys and objects that can be seen by manipulating the bag. It kept me busy for a while, so it is definitely going to keep my toddler busy.

I got us one of these and I must say, thumbs up!! This will be going into our road trip busy box this year!!




Tots on the Move SafetyTat – R125 (6 tats) (
Tots on the Move SafetyTat

I’m petrified of loosing my child in a crowd so this product is IDEAL!!

It is basically a tattoo that you write you number on in case your child wonders off and can’t find you. The beauty of this is that the tattoo only comes off when you decide you want it off. It is hypoallergenic and skin safe.

Brilliant product!




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