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What do your really need in a nursery?

You’re pregnant and a you just can’t wait to start the nursery for your little bundle of joy arriving shortly. When do you start? What do you need? It can all become a little bit overwhelming at some point.


I’ve done this already but early on in my new pregnancy I am also a bit flustered about the task ahead.

Here are some my guidelines for the basic necessities in a baby’s nursery.

A baby has very basic needs; Sleep, eat, bath & play; so as long as you tend to those needs they will be happy in their nursery.

    For the first couple of weeks you will probably have the baby in your room, so a bassinet and baby monitor will probably be your best bet.
    – Cot
    – mattress and bedding that is safe for your baby
    – cot-mobile (ensure it won’t be a choking hazard)
    – Mosquito net if you have a lot of mozzies
    – Baby monitor 
  • EAT
    Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding you will need a comfortable place to feed your baby and maybe catch up on some sleep yourself.
    – Chair (rocking chair or any comfortable chair)
    – Side table for bottles, your phone, some tea or a magazine (like that ever happens..)
  • BATH
    I had a lot of back problems so I used my baby compactum with built in bath mostly. In the beginning I just put the bath on my bed only because it was the only room that was not freezing in the middle of winter. You also get the mobile bath stands that you can move around and it has a pipe that drains the water into a bucket or the bath etc. They really do use the baths for a very short time, so don’t overspend.
    – Compactum with a baby changing mat.
    – Baby bath that would be comfortable for you.
    – A washing basket and nappy bin can also be helpful.
  • PLAY
    You need to stimulate your baby so have an area in the room that you can sit with them and play, read and listen to music. If the room is not big enough to incorporate it then do it in a different part of the house. You will soon learn that toys take over your house, so if you can limit it to one area it is great. Mobiles and cot toys are also great for stimulation and to keep them occupied.
    Storage: You can never have enough of this. Ensure that your babies clothing are neatly organized by size so that you can access what you need quickly. Make sure everything that you need to change a nappy is together at any time, you should never leave your baby unattended while looking for stuff to change their nappy. You do get nice organizers for baby products that are mobile. Toy storage is also a necessity especially if the baby gets older.
    Rug: Ensure that you and your baby have a comfy rug to play on.

These are just basic items your going to need in the room.

Now you can decide on your theme, colour scheme and decor. Some people actually wait until the baby is born before they do a room for the baby, but I would suggest having everything ready about a month before the due date. This gives you enough time to relax and wash everything before the baby is born. It also allows for any paint fumes to disappear completely.

Happy Planning


I am extremely passionate about creating stylish spaces that not only promote growing and learning but spaces that grow with your child. Apart from creating gorgeous, functional spaces I love doing DIY projects and I am devoted to share tips and tricks to create a happy and healthy home for the whole family.