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Setting the mood WITHOUT candles

Nothing sets the mood like a candle, right?!

I won’t lie and say this was an easy swop, I LOVED candles and especially when we had a dinner party, friends over for a visit or even to burn next to my bath after a long day. There is just that vibe a burning candle provides.

These days, I can’t light a candle without wondering what I am breathing in, because the candle company might not be telling you.

So how can you recreate that cozy vibe and amazing smell without possibly* breathing in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as formaldehyde, toluene and benzene, released from candles made from paraffin wax and synthetic fragrances. Does not sound so cozy now hey?!

*different studies done on the toxicity of candles have rendered different results and some inconclusive.

In 2003, The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) banned the manufacture and sale of lead-cored wicks and candles with lead-cored wicks. How this is interpreted in the rest of the world, I am yet to find an answer, but to be sure look out for candles manufacturers stating that they are using 100% cotton or wooden wicks.

What about clean-burning candles like coconut, soy, and beeswax?

From some research I have done it is clear that, like a lot of “Green” (aka – you are being fed bs) household products, the candle making industry is unregulated. So a candle labelled a “Soy” candle may only contain 1% soy and can still be classified soy based. This is where reading your labels, being informed and trusting your brand becomes very important.

Be sure to look out for 100% pure soy wax or beeswax candles from sustainable sources.

*I had a look at the labels from the candles I do have and none stated the ingredients on them, major red flag, nor what kind of wick is being used.

What about Synthetic “Fragrance” in candles?

The main difference between Essential Oils and Fragrance oils are that one comes from plants ONLY* and the other one is made in a lab. Fragrances made in a lab, although not 100% natural, allows companies to create sents that are not available from nature and these “trade secrets” are the reason they do not need to list the ingredients in making said fragrance.

According to Healthline – “To be on the safe side, look for phthalate-free candles that are derived from 100 percent essential oil. Any synthetic ingredients should be certified nontoxic. Also, transparency is key, so prioritize candlemakers that are willing to list ingredients in full.”

Here are some diffuser recipes that I found and use often, and they smell AMAZING. Especially heading into the festive season.

Images from @growingoily

Here are some of my favourite branded candles that I have found alternative oil combinations for.

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*depending on the quality of essential oils.

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