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OK, so we all know that essential oils are amazing for this, and we can incorporate a myriad of essential oils into our skincare regimes with great benefit. This includes oils like Frankincense, Myrrh, Geranium, Patchouli and Sandalwood.

But we can also support our skin and impede this natural aging process with the use of supplemental collagen. This is the perfect nutrient for the skin, and is recommended if you are:

• Aged 25 and above

• Love the sun and tanning

• Spend a lot of time on electronic devices, exposing your skin to blue light radiation

• A night bird, and love staying up late

• An athlete or a fitness fan

• A smoker, or eat processed foods

This isn’t a “take it one time and she’ll be right, mate” approach. Once we’ve hit the magical age of 25, it’s important to intake collagen regularly and continuously.

But if this is the first you’ve heard of this, it’s never too late to start…and you will see wonderful benefits to your skin by taking collagen.


Collagen makes up 25 to 35% of your body’s protein content, making it the most abundant structural protein in your body. It’s the glue that holds everything together in your body.

90% of the collagen in your body is Type 1…and that’s exactly what you want. Type 1 is the best collagen for your skin, nails, and hair….and it helps with the collagen needs of your entire body.

Type 2 collagen works specifically to cushion your joints, and provides protection to your long bones and thigh bones (especially where they insert into the joint sockets). Type 3 is the second most abundant collagen in your body. It’s found in bones, teeth, skin, connective tissue and tendons.

When it comes to taking collagen, the common sources are Beef (Type 1 and Type 3), Chicken (Type 2, eg. found in bone broth) and Marine collagen (Type 1).

Where beef collagen will tend to have a more direct effect on joint pain, gut health, athletic recovery and physical strength, marine collagen is more bioavailable and absorbable due to its smaller peptide size, and it will have a more direct impact on the appearance of wrinkles, signs of aging, and skin health.

And marine collagen is rich in the amino acid hydroxyproline, which is an essential component of skin, blood vessel walls and other connective tissues – so it definitely has an impact on your entire body.

In fact, it’s even been scientifically proven to help increase the moisture levels in your skin, and to help protect your skin against the harmful effects of UV exposure and photoaging.


It only takes 21 days to experience an effective skin improvement by taking 10,000 mg per day = one Bloom Collagen Complete bottle per day (if you have this product in your market RUN and get it). If you do this for 90 days:

• In 3 – 4 weeks you will feel your skin hydrating and brightening

• In 4 – 8 weeks, your skin’s collagen content and moisture will have risen, so your skin will look more plump and elastic

• It also benefits your bones, joints, eyes, hair, teeth and all parts of your body that use collagen type 1 as their magic glue


The Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology have published a research paper where they showed clinical evidence that the ingestion of 10,000 mg of marine collagen for 4 weeks can significantly improve skin moisture, boost collagen synthesis and prevent collagen degradation. It gives you a glowing, plump skin – like adding a soft, fluffy “pillow-top” to your skin.

According to other clinical trials, a daily intake of 5,000 to 10,000 mg of collagen peptide per day will help to maintain your skin’s hydration, firmness, elasticity, and of course its youth and beauty, with the visible improvement typically being noticeable after one to three months of consumption. Several communities have demonstrated the benefits of collagen peptides for preserving joint health as well. (Source:

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