Online Design Consultation

laptop beside peach color wall
Price: R3000 per room (additional rooms will be discounted)

A remote or online consultation is a fun, affordable and effortless way to work with an interior designer to get the inspiration and advice you need to decorate a room/nursery or playroom all by yourself. We communicate through email and telephone to create a room design that you can put together easily. This option allows you to create the space you dream of over the time period that your budget or time limits allows. I will also be available during the time that you are doing the room, or if any issues arise.

What we need from you: You will receive a form to complete with some more information about your requirements, your style and you will need to send us some images and measurements of the space.

What will you receive: We will create a design board with beautiful handpicked products sourced from all over South Africa. Your design board will include a floor plan layout, designed to make optimal use of the space you have available.  Lastly you will receive a detailed supplier list and cost estimate for your room design. 

This option is available to anyone residing in South Africa.

This option is also available in our online store for your convenience or if you wish to gift this service to someone, click here to be redirected.