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Jungle Themed Nursery

Jungle Nursery

This is the nursery I did for my little baby. We decided not to find out the gender of the baby, so I had to design a gender neutral room. I decided to go with green and brown as the base of the design and when we found out it was a girl at birth, splashes of pink crept in from everywhere.

One of the colour additions to the room was her name that was done after she was born, shown bellow.
Alexia roomI kept the brown background and bought pink bedazzled letters from Mr Price Home, as well as a cute photo frame. What I love about it is that, when she eventually grows up into a rebellious teen that has posters stuck on every inch of wall (if they even do that still!?), I can use hers plus the new additions in our family as artwork.

I tried to do as much as possible by myself  so I started of by painting the tree mural on the wall. I used a projector to get the size and main outlines of the tree. I found paper mache flowers at my local art shop and also wooden lady bugs and bees to complete the look. After these photo’s were taken I added a bee hive to the mural and placed the bees around it. The bottom two branches were more straight than the others because I added shelving onto the wall and cut thin balsa wood to echo the shape of the branch on the wall. This was ideal for storing those items that you want to keep on show but also want to keep away from little hands.

I bought my bedding from Banini Baby, I just love the shwe-shwe and they have the most amazing images. The linen inspired me to do the artwork above the changing station. I got board from the art shop and painted it the same brown as the tree. I transferred the images with iron-on transfers to cotton fabric and covered A4 boards with the fabric. I also got some shwe-shwe to add a trimming to the the lace curtain and to create tie-backs for the curtains.

I added final touches by hanging a thick rope between the beams in the ceiling with monkey’s hanging from it.

I got thumbs up from all the kids visiting before and after the baby was born, so I think I succeeded in creating an interesting and functional room for my little Alexia.

Sadly, when our little girl was 10 months old we had to move and I had to cover my beautiful tree, but she did love her room.

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