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How to incorporate high contrast stimulation decor in a nursery

We get asked often to do the LittleME high contrast stimulation dangles in softer colours to fit into a specific nursery colour scheme, which we can do {and it has it’s place} but it defies the object of high contrast stimulation.

Read more here about the benefits of high contrasting colours for infants.

If you are doing a popular black and white themed nursery then you have no problem incorporating these kind of items in the nursery, but when your colour scheme is more neutrals or pastels you might feel that the black,white and red might be to harsh for the room. This is where functionality is very important in your design of your nursery, you’ll have to decide if you want the room to only look pretty or do you want the room decor to function as a learning aid for your baby.

Now the joy of most stimulation items is that it can get packed away when you need it to disappear but something like a mobile is not always easy to pack away, and this is a brilliant aid in offering your infant visual stimuli.

Image by The Collaborative SA

The most important tip would be to ensure your theme of your stimulation items is on point with your room decor. If you have an animal themed nursery then choose your high contrast items, in this case a LittleME dangle on the changing table frame, to match the theme, so in turn the dangle would stand out but not look out of place.

If you really do not want to sacrifice the beauty or colour scheme of your nursery then create an area in your house specifically for stimulating your baby, it does not have to happen in the nursery alone.

Have fun creating a gorgeous stimulating area for your baby, in the end they will enjoy it more if you are happy in the space too.

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