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How to make a small nursery work

You really do not need a massive space for a nursery, a baby’s spacial needs are pretty basic, but what you do need a lot of is STORAGE!

Here are some tips on how to make a small space work well for a nursery:

* PLANNING: This is probably the most crucial part of using a small space. You need to make sure that your furniture will fit in the space BEFORE you buy and that you can add everything that you need. You can do the following:

1. Start by measuring the room and drawing it out, do the same with your furniture and cupboards and cut them out. Now you can start arranging the furniture allowing for walking space and doors.
2. Tape out the furniture sizes in the room if you are struggling to draw it out. Walk around to see if you are happy with the placements and the space.

* TALL NOT WIDE: When looking at cupboards, try to utilize the space up to the ceiling instead of going wider. Rethink your cupboard design to a more practical solution. Kids clothing are smaller, you are able to utilize more rows of hanging space and other storage can be used for bigger sized items, products, nappies etc. Use marked containers to make looking for an item easier. Cupboards are not cheap so make sure your design can be easily adjusted as the space requires.

* USE COLOUR AND SHAPES to create the illusion of space. This can be done in fabric or the walls.

* USE CORNERS: Utilize corners for shelving and even a corner changing unit can utilize unused space.

* USE WALL SPACE: Wall space can be used for shelving, especially a bit higher on the wall. You can also look at wall mounted changing stations that save a lot of space and add additional storage.

* Get items off the floor to remove additional visual CLUTTER.

* Clever WINDOW TREATMENTS. Use extra length curtains to make the room visually higher.

* Try to keep the furniture mostly the same colours and add splashes of colour with your decor.

* Use a MIRROR as part of wall art to allow the reflection of more light and to make the room bigger. Light is your friend in a small room.

* Rethink your ROCKER or your glider in a room. These are normally big, so shop around for the most comfy compact one to fit the room.

A cluttered room can make mom and baby uneasy so make sure that you can move around easily even if it means not buying exactly what you wanted in the first place but rather planning and getting the right furniture for the room.

Enjoy the space!


*Image Links: Project Nursery A Creative Day Blog

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