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How can you use your high contrast dangles?

Our LittleME high contrast dangles are amazing when using them with our frames, but they bring out very creatives sides of moms when they are one the move or just do not have the tools necessary!!

As a standard we recommend using the high contrast dangles on the steel frame that fits over the changing table as well as the wooden baby gyms.

They also work great on the move when attached to the car seat handle or the headrest of the car. Chenel from Life with James & Jaxson shared how Jaxson rolls when they are out and about.

We often receive images from happy mommies showing us how they use the dangles on the move in unconventional ways. The image bellow shows Izene Filomeno (co-owner of Migi Designs) using the dangles in her camp cot while on holiday by just adding a stick over the top of the camp cot. Happy Baby!

Then sometimes the LittleME high contrast dangles end up as decor, hung on doors, cupboards and wall hooks.

The LittleME high contrast dangles has also been sold for using to add a special touch to a gift.

How have you used you LittleME high contrast dangles in a creative way? Use the hashtag #littlemedangles to show us how you use your dangles.


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