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High contrast colours for newborn babies

Your newborn baby is a perfect little human that can feel you, hear you, smell you, taste what your feed him but can’t see you all that clear yet. This is one of the last and arguably the most important sense to develop after birth. You hear a lot of talk about high contrast colours, but why you might ask. Your baby’s retina is not fully developed yet and can only really see the difference between black and white or very high contrasting colours. By stimulating this sense you are helping the brain make sense of different shades, shapes and colours.

This article from Dr Sears sums up how important stimulation is to brain development.

“How visual stimulation makes baby’s brain develop.
At birth, the nerve cells in baby’s brain are disorganized and not well connected. While baby grows, the brain receives input from all five senses. This input causes nerve cells to multiply and form a multitude of connections with other nerve cells. This is why visual stimulation is so crucial. For example, if a baby is kept blindfolded the visual center in his brain would never develop, the optic nerve would shrivel up, and baby would never develop vision. On the other hand, if you provide continuous visual input into baby’s eyes, the retina thrives, the optic nerve grows, and the visual part of baby’s brain thrives and develops by leaps and bounds.

Research has proven that black and white contrasts register powerfully on baby’s retina and send the strongest visual signals to baby’s brain. Stronger signals mean more brain growth and faster visual development.”

I have developed a range of mobile dangles to help moms stimulate baby during nappy change, play time or even while massaging baby. The dangles are ideally used with the frames that fit over baby’s changing pad from new born until 6-9 months, depending on your baby’s mobility. All LittleME mobiles are available online or at The Bub Hub & Co.

“Using high contrasting colours will help calm & soothe your baby as well as increase concentration skills, enhance natural curiosity and stimulate the creation of brain cell connections”

Bellow is a video created with the help of some of The Bub Hub & Co moms showing how babies interact with our mobiles.


Please feel free to share some of your developmental tips for moms bellow.


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