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DIY Slime

If you have a kid that has any access to YouTube this post if for you!! Your child has probably stumbled upon a few DIY tutorials by kids and adults alike showing your child how to make slime.

DIY SlIME is definitely a buzzword in my daughter’s vocabulary.

My daughter, Alexia, comes to me with at least two new DIY Slime tutorials a week, if not more. We have tried to make DIY slime with anything from borax and shaving cream to replacements like shampoo to toilet paper….. yes toilet paper!!!!!! Needless to say, most of them do NOT work (for us at least) and the word slime is not a popular word in my house currently, until last week at least. We’ve been able to get one or two recipes to work but Alexia has been on a mission to find all the different ways to make slime.

After a desperate search for buying a gift for Alexia I found an ad on Instagram (because Instagram knows my troubles) of a DIY Slime kit. I saved the name and we decided to order this kit as it was not priced badly and promises to make all my slime troubles disappear! I ordered the kit in the morning and the next day the box arrives, lucky for me it did not have to travel far. A huge box filled with items that makes my kids eyes sparkle, you know like borax and stuff! We made her year!!

We immediately had to make the basic slime and all I can say is que the angel choir.

The kit includes ingredients to make your basic slime, crunchy slime, cloud slime and fluffy slime and has some handy tips if you make spills or over activate your slime. We have tried 3 of the 4 variations and they all come out perfectly!

So who is behind this brilliant DIY Slime kit service?? A 10-year-old girl named Amber!

Her love for slime eventually became the inspiration behind making tutorials on YouTube and finally she dreamed up an idea of making kits to sell at a local market. “With a passion for slime and a good business idea Ambers’ mom had no option but to help Amber make this dream a reality.”

“Amber wanted to keep the idea of “made by children for children” and approached Hope Church Wilderness Heights.  Wilderness Heights is an impoverished community and the people face many daily challenges due to the lack of basic infrastructures and needs.  The children at the Wilderness Heights project have so much fun building the DJ SlimeyGloop kits and Amber loves giving them gifts for their involvement.  A portion of each SlimeyGloop kit sold will go towards building this project and we appreciate your support.”

You can find her Youtube tutorials under ambermaydj and order your kits from

Girl you have a customer for life here, you have made my life so much easier.



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