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DIY: Knitted pouf/ottoman

I fell in love with the knitted ottoman as soon as I saw it. I had to have one, but they were not available in SA yet, so I had to make one. I did all my research, and found countless tutorials on how to do this, but noting gave me the specific details I needed as my knitting skills were basic and I knew nothing about crocheting. I did not know how much t-shirt yarn (I decided to do it with that) to use, and could not find the same colour (very specific grey) in more than 6 small balls. So I went to our local fabric shop and bought 6 meters of t-shirt fabric and started cutting continues lengths and made my own roll of t-shirt yarn. In the end I had to do this again, so I went through 12 meters of fabric but I made my yarn thicker than the bought ones, it was so much softer too.

I found this online tutorial and worked according to her guidelines as much as possible.


I could only find 15mm knitting needles, not circular ones but I did manage to get the stitches on.

My length was about 1,3m, I was aiming for 1,5m but ran out of yarn. I stuffed it with polystyrene balls, in a grey inner.

And just as I was done with it the ottomans were available from some local furniture stores, but it was worth it and I was happy with the end result.

What are you going to make this weekend?
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