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DIY Doll furniture makeover with Rust-Oleum

We were gifted an old, steel doll crib from a family friend years ago and recently I found the matching doll feeding chair in an antique shop close to our house a few months back and I wanted to spruce them up a bit and change to colour from the two mismatched pinks. Because Rust-Oleum works so well on difference surfaces, it is perfect for the steel doll furniture.

I cleaned both units and made sure that there was not any loose paint or particles.

I chose to go with the Satin silver lilac, I like the satin finish and the colour was a good combo of girly and modern look that I wanted to create.

I am so pleased with how the doll furniture turned out and how it fits in with Alexia’s bedroom design.

I have used Rust-Oleum on steel items before and I have found that it is the only product that does not chip of the steel easily, so I do recommend it for any steel products.

TIP: Before you start spraying, spray a little bit on news paper to get any clumpy paint to get onto your surface.

Your can read more about the Rust-Oleum products here.

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