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Disney Themed Room – UPDATE with inspiration board

I have been keeping my eyes open for some interesting ideas for Alexia’s Disney Themed Room. This is my inspiration board so far…

Disney Inspiration Board
Disney Inspiration Board

I must admit that it is difficult to keep my ideas in one place at a time…there are so many different characters that I would like incorporate. I am worried that if I’m not careful the room could end up looking like “Disney gone wrong” with nothing tying into each other. I like the idea of using one character with a quote on the wall tied in with the magic stars connecting them all, seen in the inspiration board. A couple of small touches like the Peter Pan lamp and the Once Upon A Time Silhouette lamp shade would bring subtle touches into the space.

I will now start narrowing down what characters and quotes I will end up using, this will also make the final design process easier and less cluttered.

Update: See the final Disney Themed Bedroom here.

Happy Decorating.


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