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The Collaborative – Vintage Car Room

The Collaborative – Vintage Car Room


We all know boys like cars and everything that comes with it. We had so much fun playing while we were setting up this look. We used elements of everything boys love from comic books to kites, to create a look that every boy will love. The main theme stayed cars/transport and the gasoline cupboard was the main feature of this look.

I have previously done a very similar looking mood board for an older boy.


Colour psychology plays a huge role in how much your will use of a specific colour in a room. In this room we used a large amount of red with some blue and black in a smaller amount.

You will use less of the red if your child suffers with anger issues. While red is a colour that inspires action and confidence it also evokes anger and energy that might not be good for your child as a bedroom should not bring that kind of emotions or moods out. You will use more blue to create a calmer setting which will lead to a more productive child. Blue also helps to make a very warm room appear cooler, where red will make it feel even warmer. If your child is difficult to motivate red might just help him build more confidence and be more energetic in what he does as red is known to elevate your heartbeat.

It is very important to remember to take the child’s emotional and physical well-being in consideration when designing a space.

Here’s a look at the rest of the latest #TheCollaborative room:

Photo credit: Phillip Beukes from Philography

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