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Children’s bathroom storage solutions

Organizing a kids bathroom is one of the most difficult tasks for me personally, and it is even worse when the said bathroom is shared with adults.

Bath toys are the worst because they need to dry between play, to prevent all types of nasties growing in and on the toys. My bathroom tiles are not at all suction cup friendly so none of the suction cup bags worked well for me, and unfortunately neither does double-sided tape stick to these tiles so I had my hands in my hair. My husband mounted a bath toy scoop to the wall rather than having to use double-sided tape. This worked great because the weight of the toys won’t cause the scoop to fall and potentially hurt a kid or break. The first scoop is starting to overflow so I’m looking at more options to store toys and other items.

Here are some commercial products that will add instant storage solutions: 



Here are some clever storage hacks:

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 And now to get those nasties out of the toys and keep them out, full tutorial over at We Love Being Moms.


Getting the kids squeaky clean can be fun and organized.


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