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    Tips on baby proofing your home!

    Have you done baby proofing yet? In the last couple of weeks I have personally been touched by horrible accidents that happened to toddlers in their own homes. It made me check my own house again for items that could possible hurt or even worse, kill my toddler and child. To fully understand what you need to look for, you need to crawl on your hands and knees, look at the house like an inquisitive baby/toddler/child. If this is too much for you, or you are worried that you will miss something then get a company like BabyProofesionals to asses your home. The general rule is to have your house baby proof by the time…

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    Baby to toddler room

    Realizing that your baby is now a toddler is a shocking thing! It feels like you had a tiny helpless baby 5 minutes ago and now they are exploring and climbing on to things and all of a sudden their needs become a lot different to a baby’s need. It is now time to look at what you need to change to make the nursery more safe and suitable for their current needs. At this stage you can still keep your nursery theme the same. First look at what you can keep: 1. Can you use your cot as a toddler bed if they are ready for it?  If not…

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    Designing for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder

    I stumbled upon Medina Sam from MK Kids Interiors, a UK based interior designer, via social media a while ago and I have been following her work and blog since then. One of the amazing services she offers is an interior design service specifically for Autistic children. Here are some tips from Medina to design a fitting room for a child with ASD: Click here for the blog post. “In designing a room for your child with ASD: 1. Create a simple layout of the space, one that will give your child easy access to the things he/she will need.  If you have limited space, where your child will use one room…

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    Buying a cot or crib? Is it safe?

    Are you buying a cot or crib? Did you know that there are certain regulations regarding a cot or crib for your baby? Most people do not know about this here and are actually using cribs/cots deemed unsafe by these regulations, but luckily more South African manufacturers are working towards the UK & Australian regulations, which is great, but it is still not a big advertising point here as consumers are not educated about the regulations as they are not enforced yet.  Using a hand-me-down crib or that awesome vintage find that is just gorgeous, may just be detrimental to your child or their health. And yes, our parents did survive those…