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Buying a cot or crib? Is it safe?

Are you buying a cot or crib? Did you know that there are certain regulations regarding a cot or crib for your baby? Most people do not know about this here and are actually using cribs/cots deemed unsafe by these regulations, but luckily more South African manufacturers are working towards the UK & Australian regulations, which is great, but it is still not a big advertising point here as consumers are not educated about the regulations as they are not enforced yet.

 Using a hand-me-down crib or that awesome vintage find that is just gorgeous, may just be detrimental to your child or their health. And yes, our parents did survive those cribs and cots, but do you know how many did not?

2 key items to look out for when buying a crib in South Africa:

  • Drop down sides are a BIG no-no, this is mainly because of hardware issues that can cause a baby to become entrapped and/or suffocate.
  • No bigger that around 6 cm gaps between the slats of the cot. Entrapment is also and issue with slats that are too big.

Below is an illustrated guide on what to look for when buying a cot or crib. The Babble Out also have some great tips on the different types of cribs and how to reduce SIDS. Please check your own at home and your child’s caregiver or school.



{Be Safe}


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