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Baby shower gifts that mommies love {Win}

To many of us, baby shower gifts are regular items on our shopping lists. At some point you start running out of ideas or there is, “GAASP”,no gift registry. Here’s a list of items that moms really like to receive, and won’t always ask for.

  1. TEETHING NECKLACE for mom. I just love the necklaces from Jele Bebe, they are stylish and practical too and mom is not bound to only wear it while she still has a baby.
  2. CROSS OVER BABY VEST, especially newborn vests. These are so much better to put on and take of over that small little head. You can get them from Edgars. wrap-vest
  3. MOSQUITO REPELLENT for babies under 3 months, especially if the baby is born in the summer months. It is hard to find something that is safe to use for newborns, but So Pure has a spray that is safe and easy to apply.mosquito-spray_so-pure
  4. BABY MASSAGE / STIMULATION CLASS. Not only is this good for baby but the mom can make friends that can relate to her situation.
    The Bub Hub Broadacres.
    Image taken during a baby massage class at The Bub Hub Broadacres. Click on image to be directed to their site.


  5. Mom-to-be SPA PACKAGE. This is the best way to have the last relaxing days before baby comes. These packages are specially designed with pregnant ladies in mind.
  6. A good, 100% cotton MUSLIN SWADDLE or two. Whether it is winter or summer, a soft muslin wrap is a must. I love the My Nesi 100% cotton wraps, the designs are gorgeous too.
    mynesi_muslin-2                                          mynesi_muslin
  7. TOY TOGGLE. Connect your baby’s dummy, bottle, toy etc and never worry about it falling out of reach.
  8. When unsure, give a VOUCHER. I have a love-hate relationship with vouchers. I love them because the person can buy what they want or still need, BUT I also hate them because it feels like it was a last minute gift or no thought went into the gift. Tip: If you give a voucher on it’s own, wrap it in a special ribbon and add the person’s favourite treat on.
  9. A good BABY CARRIER. My favourite was the Noo Noo Pie wrap.
  10. A PHOTO SHOOT, especially if you know that something like a maternity or newborn shoot is not in the budget.

If there is a big ticket item that you know she wants, except if you know the exact details, rather give a voucher towards it, then she can choose her own colour or style. If it is something like a pram, get a few friends to contribute. This will make her feel very special.

Because November is my birthday month {YAY, cake}, I am giving away a hamper worth R500 from our awesome friends at Kids Emporium.

Kids Emporium lofo


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*This is not a paid post but the R500 hamper was sponsored by Kids Emporium.

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  • Sofiah

    A voucher is the best gift as sometimes mums are unsure of what exactly they need, and as people often buy too much of one item like ending up with two cots, mums also may intend to breast feed and are unsure if they need a breast pump or bottles and sometimes after the birth is the best time to use the voucher and purchase what is really needed

  • Ayesha

    Clothes are always the easiest to buy for a baby shower however I would prefer to go to a store like Kids Emporium and have a gift registry to ensure I get the items I require, however u can never go wrong buying clothes for a baby shower gift, rather buy 3-6months incase baby is born bigger size

  • Michelle Gardiner

    I received a photshoot for my baby shower from my sister. It was such a personal gift and we will cherish the photographs forever

  • Irfaan

    A baby carrier is a great gift to give the new parents as they will use this for a long duration if time and always remember you each time they use it

  • sandisplash

    The best gift I received was a baby carrier. And I will probably gift that at the next baby shower I attend

  • Carolyn Augustus

    I always opt for giving muslin swaddling blankets because of my personal love for it. They areas versatile and handy

  • Mari

    32 weeks at the moment so looking forward to my babyshower. I would totally love a NooNoo wrap or money to help with getting a Doona , Both not on my llist but would be great .

  • Wendy Vivier

    I like to give a prezzie for the Mommy-to-be eg bubble bath, body lotion, powder, special sweet for those days after baby is here and she needs a little pamper!

  • Adele

    Happy Birthday!! I love giving Lily & Jack snuggle bunny’s, think its probably because my boy adores his ones, and I hope the baby I give it to also does! Another favourite is a bath apron, my life was changed when I got one as a gift – no more trying to juggle getting a wet baby out the bath and holding a towel!

  • Colin

    I have only been to one baby shower and it was quite a monster. My wife dragged me around to find a gift, then to find “the right” wrapping paper with “the right” card. On the day the venue was decorated with so many pink balloons and men standing around not knowing why they had to be part of this day. When the lady unwrapped our gift (and she looked excited through more of an hour of unwrapping) she loved that she got yet another developmental gift for her kid not yet born and bum cream. Yeah, we are those people, we give the stuff that we think will make your kid smarter.

  • Tasneem Katsen

    Best gift i think is the casting keepsakes.hand and foot moulds in 3D. Absolutely a great gift to give and receive.

  • Emma

    The best gift I got for my baby shower was a newborn photo shoot from my boss . ♡

    And everyone brought a bag of nappies , which was so lovely cause the first few months I didn’t have o stress about nappies and could spoil my little one with that money or save it ?

  • Sofiah

    I like giving clothes but usually 3-6 months as babies and kids need so much clothing, also nice to give clothing of different sizes

  • Adele

    Happy birthday! I love giving the Lily and Jack snuggle bunny’s, my boy just adores them, so hope the baby I give it to loves theirs just as much! Another favourite has to be a bath apron, loved the one I got given, its so handy and frees up your hands when bathing baby!

  • Ayesha

    As a mum to be be I would like to receive a spa voucher, pampering during pregnancy is so special, also receiving a photographer shoot that would be cherished forever

  • Tanya van der Merwe

    I love giving a Noonoo Pierre wrap and something special for the ” mommy to be”! She also deserves to be pampered and spoilt!

  • Justine Agnew

    Each guest gave us a story book with a message inside from them instead of a card. That way we can remember each of them at storyline.

  • Melissa Kennedy

    I love the mosquito repellent. That’s something you don’t usually get but would love as a baby shower gift. It’s always needed in my home especially in summer

  • Bianca Rust

    5. Mom to be spa voucher – but to use after the baby comes, my baby is 6 weeks and my shoulders hurt so badly I would kill for a massage!

  • Kirsty Sadler

    I love giving and receiving muslin swaddling wraps, Sudacrem, and cute hand made dummy clips. Love, love the toy toggle above!

  • Gaby

    I love the teething necklace for mom. I always purchase something for baby & something for mom. Very unique idea ?

  • Fallyn Marais

    A Baby care kit, a big hamper of all the nitty gritty things in a stunning glass jar. And a few spoils for the mommy to be

  • Zahrah Magan

    I am in love with the noonoo pie wrap and i think that its stylishly chic and mom can still have her hands free to do all those other things. Every mom to be needs this comfort and still look good carrying her precious cargo.

  • Azrah

    I love gettin baby toys, a baby mobile for the cot or those bath sets with a bath tub. And every mum could use newborn vests and cute little booties and beanies

  • Gail Pedra

    We all forget the Dad to be……..I like ensuring a gift for the Dad, quietly standing by hoping that he gets it all right the moment the words (( my waters have broken)) are uttered. To all the Silent Partners, Dads you are amazing .

  • Megan Brand

    I love buying clothes, but I usually buy for when the baby is a little older, as most people buy for newborn. I also like putting a few baby-essential products with the clothes (such as wetwipes, bum cream, etc). I am really hoping to receive a grey noo noo pie wrap at my baby shower ☺

  • Areej ashraf

    Best gift would be a gift vocher as mentioned nicely wrapped in a ribbon & person’s fav treat on. One can buy whatever they actually need accordingly & they are valid for quite some time! No duplication chances love them!
    Fingers crossed

  • Lauren

    I LOVE baby showers and seeing all the precious goodies that people buy 🙂 it’s always so interesting to see how different ppl buy gifts.

    I like to try and personalize my gifts… like a broach with babies name or my new find is a wooden block that gets engraved when baby is born with all the relevant info like birth date time name etc ❤️❤️❤️

  • Lauren

    I absolutely LOVE baby showers! Always so interesting to see how guests buy gifts ❤️

    I always try to keep the gift personalized in someway… like broaches or embroided items…
    my newest favourite find is a wooden block that gets engraved when baby is born with all babies details like name date and time of birth and can also include a photo … WINNER GIFT!

  • Cathy Badenhorst

    I love shopping for Baby Showers and besides buying the basic items for the new born, I always include something special for Mom such as a gift voucher for either a facial or mani/pedi. One of my favourite items to buy is the baby wrap/carrier which I bought for my niece and she absolutely loved it and used it all the time.

  • Jo-ani

    I got a white and blue Snuggle bunny, Milton portable dummy steriliser, dougnut playmat and muslin blankets….