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100+ uses for your 10 bundle oils

The 10 bundle oils is the easy button for the beginner and the most cost effective way to get all the basic oils in your home. It includes, in my opinion two of the bougiest oils (aka Valor and Frankincense) in the bundle that makes it even more worth it.

Here are some of the ways too use each oil in the bundle:


1. Add several drops of Peppermint Vitality to your favorite brownie mix.
2. Add several drops of Peppermint Vitality to some chocolate and coconut oil to make peppermint bark.
3. Add 1 drop of Peppermint Vitality to water to keep you feeling full.
4. Add a couple drops to your mop bucket- puts a pep in your step and helps with ants.
5. Place one drop in your mouth and swish around with coconut oil to freshen breath!
6. Drop 3 drops peppermint with 2 drops lavender in warm water with Epsom salts for a foot soak.
7. Place 1 drop in the toilet if you need a little help going.
8. Rub a drop behind the ears before running or going to gym.
9. Deeply inhale from the bottle after a long day.
10. Rub up and down spine with coconut oil.
11. Inhale from bottle to settle an upset tummy or add 2 drops to 2-3 oz water and drink.
12. Enjoy a good massage with a few drops of Peppermint and Eucalyptus with carrier oil
13. Add 2 drops Peppermint and 2 drops Lemon in the diffuser when you are working or studying.
14. Add one drop to coffee with creamer
15. Put a few drops and some witch hazel in a spray bottle and spritz on the back of you neck on hot days.
16. Put a drop on a cotton ball in your linen closet (or any closet) to keep it smelling fresh!


17. Add a drop or two to 8 oz of water each morning for a morning detox flush.
18. Diffuse with Lavender & Peppermint for seasonal relief.
19. Put 1 to 2 drops neat onto something that is sticky-it helps get the goo off!
20. Add drops to butter and drizzle for an amazing fish dish!
21. Use a few drops on a cloth to get child graffiti off of the walls.
22. Remove ink from fabric by applying oil and running the item through the washer.
23. Use to remove sticky gunk from items in place of Goo Be Gone.
24. Dilute and rub in armpits when fever is present.
25. Inhale from the bottle to help calm your tummy when on a boat.
26. Dilute and rub behind the ears to help with cabin pressure relief when landing after a flight.
27. Lemon for removing gum in kiddos hair!
28. Add 20 drops to a glass of water to provide Urinary Tract support.
29. Mix a couple drops of Lemon Vitality in your olive oil for an infused flavor.
30. Use in chicken dishes for a refreshing flavor.
31. Add a few drops to baking soda for a homemade soft scrub to use on sinks and tubs
32. Add a drop or two to your laundry soap to make your laundry come out smelling fresher.
33. Add a drop or two to your wool dryer balls for fresher smelling clothes!


34. Use to soothe bug bites and stings.
35. Rub into your scalp to promote hair health.
36. Add one drop to a new tube of mascara to help grow lush lashes. Also stretches the life of the mascara!
37. Rub onto sunburned skin to help soothe.
38. Apply to big toes nightly (using vita flex chart) to help assist with sleep.
39. Apply to the back of your neck when you’re crossing time zones along with Cedarwood.
40. Add to some coconut oil for a boo-boo cream ready to go.
41. Keep a bottle in the kitchen near the stove to soothe occasional burns.
42. Add a drop to Earl Grey tea, or to a latte.
43. Diffuse for a great night’s sleep.
44. Rub onto kids’ feet with a drop of carrier oil to help promote deep sleep.
45. Soothes minor scrapes, bumps and cuts
46. Add to warm Almond Milk with Cinnamon and a little honey to promote Sleep.


47. Rub a few drops of Valor on the bottoms of your feet and spine to help with alignment and ease back pain.
48. Apply to your job to relieve discomfort associated with TMJ or soreness.
49. Rub 2 to 4 drops on your feet, neck, and chest to relieve anxiety symptoms.
50. Apply a drop of Valor on the bottom of each big toe to reduce snoring and promote sound sleep.
51. Rub a few drops with coconut oil into the back of the neck to reduce stiffness and discomfort.
52. Diffuse or inhale to reduce stress and promote emotional strength.
53. Massage 1-2 drops on your temples or neck to ward off negative energy and increase inner strength when it time to have a serious talk with your boss, friend, or teenager.
54. Diffuse or apply to anyone that may suffer from attention issues or need to stay focused.


55. Diffusing Purification oils helps clear the air of bad smells. Even just putting tissues with a few drops of Purification Oil near an air vent will help clean the air coming out!
56. Purification Oil makes for an excellent spray to enjoy the outdoors annoyance free. Take a pinch of salt, 5 drops Purification and fill a 2 oz spray bottle with distilled water.
57. Add 5 drops of Purification to every washer load or drop it on your wool dryer balls in the tumble dryer.
58. Combine a drop of Purification with coconut oil and dab on pimples.
59. Place a few drops of Purification essential oil on some cotton balls and place them inside the toes of your shoes. The odors will dissipate naturally.
60. Deodorise carpets and mattresses with 30 drops of purification in 2 cups of bicarb. Sprinkle on the carpets and wait 15 minutes before vacuuming.


61. Incorporate Citronella into your after-sun care routine or your daily skin care regimen for its moisturising properties.
62. Citronella also makes a great natural alternative to deodorant. Combine it with Tea Tree essential oil for added strength.
63. Citronella is a natural air freshener, perfect for battling outdoor odours. Mix up a DIY outdoor spray to revive your patio furniture, hammock, or sleeping bag, or invite a pleasant aroma with our Citronella DIY floating candle.
64. Citronella is well know for keeping insects away. Using in a Bug-Off spray.


65. Massage a few drops of Eucalyptus Radiata into your scalp and let the rejuvenating scent refresh your locks and your outlook.
66. Gently rub a drop or two of Eucalyptus Radiate behind your ears and let the uplifting aroma power you through those busy days.
67. Add 4–6 drops of Eucalyptus Blue to a warm, damp washcloth and hang out of direct contact with the water before hopping in the shower – Hello SPA.
68. Before settling into that shoulder stand, combine 8–10 drops of Eucalyptus Radiata with 4 cups water, 1 tablespoon vegetable glycerin, and 1 tablespoon witch hazel in a glass a spray bottle. Spray down your yoga mat a few minutes before you begin your practice.
69. Add a few drops of Eucalyptus Radiate to a carrier oil for a calming yet invigorating massage.
70. Wet a few washcloths, add a few drops of Eucalyptus Radiate, and store in the fridge/freezer. Place on shoulders for a refreshing post-workout cooldown.
71. Rub a little Eucalyptus Radiata on the bottoms of your feet and inhale the comforting aroma as you drift off to dreamland.
72. Add Eucalyptus and Purification to some olive oil or balm for a refreshing chest rub.
73. Add 2 drops of Eucalyptus to warm water and use as a steam bath for your face.


74. Put in your facial lotion and prepare to look like an angel!
75. Sniff from bottle to ground yourself when feeling overwhelmed or unsure.
76. Apply to the spine for a happy immune system.
77. Diffuse during Bible study, prayer, or just alone time to think.
78. Apply over any joints.
79. Add one drop to your bible (on the leather) before quiet time. Your bible will begin to smell of 80. Frankincense; you’ll begin to smell the frank even before you open up your bible.
81. Apply neat to scars daily and watch them fade.
82. Apply neet to underside of jaw and neck to reduce sagging skin.
83. Apply 1 drop to the crown of your head before meditation.
84. Apply over chest and/or diffuse before bedtime when you’re feeling under the weather or need a little help in the respiratory department.
85. Diluted frankincense dabbed under the eyes to depuff and look awake and rested
86. Mix with Stress Away and Lavender in a 10 ml roller top with carrier oil for a “calm mom” blend.
87. Mix w lemon + lavender (1:1:1) for a magic line & dark circle eraser
88. Helps soothe sore throats.


89. Diffuse orange essential oil to help you express creativity and bring joyous moments into your home. Try this happy diffuser blend: 3 drops each Orange and Lemon, 2 drops Frankincense or Lavender.
90. Apply 1 drop each of Lavender and Orange to your wrists and temples for a calming and uplifting aroma.
91. Add 4 drops of fractionated coconut oil and 1 drop of Orange oil to a cotton ball at night. Use to remove any trace of makeup. Make sure to avoid the eye area when using Orange oil.
92. Put 1 drop each of Orange and Spearmint in 1 tablespoon of water, then swish and gargle for fresh breath.
93. Greasy stovetop? Sticker residue? Gum on your shoe? Orange will help you get rid of it! Add 5 drops to a table spoon of vinegar or vodka if you are doing a larger area.
94. Add some zesty sweetness to your Thieves Household cleaner with a few drops of Orange.
95. Add a few drops of Orange Vitality™ to your waffle batter or french toast mix to wake up your taste buds.


96. Press one drop onto the roof of your mouth when feeling occasional head tension.
97. Add 1-2 drops to a tea bag to support you during the winter months.
98. Apply to bottoms of feet nightly for winter support.
99. Clean with it – check out Thieves Household cleaner will change your life!
100. Dilute and rub on outside of neck for soothe scratchy throats.
101. Keep a bottle or even an empty in the kitchen to sniff while cutting onions! Helps to keep you from tearing so much!
102. Mix with Witch Hazel and water to a make spray. Spray on child’s head to prevent lice.
103. Thieves tea: Honey with 2 drops of thieves and 2 drops of lemon, add hot water and stir.
104. Diffusing Thieves Oil naturally helps in clearing the air. I love to add a few extra drops of Cinnamon or even Lemon. Everyone loves coming into a room that smells like something is baking!

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*Please note that all oils referred in this post for ingestion is only from the Young Living Vitality range. This range is GRASS certified and suitable for ingestion.

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I am extremely passionate about creating stylish spaces that not only promote growing and learning but spaces that grow with your child. Apart from creating gorgeous, functional spaces I love doing DIY projects and I am devoted to share tips and tricks to create a happy and healthy home for the whole family.